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Hit-Boy: Behind the Sound

Power 106′s Rikki Martinez had a moment to catch up with the Grammy Award Winning super producer Hit-Boy. He talks about his first beat, where he gets his unique sounds, experimenting, his label, & more.

Behind The Grind: Boi-1da Interview

Boi1da is the producer behind such beats as, “Uptown,” “Bill Gates,” “Best I Ever Had,” “Forever,” & Eminem’s “Not Afraid.” Boi1da recalls his rise to success from his start as a rapper to making beats for artist like Eminem, Drake & Dr.Dre. He recalls quitting his 9-5 and spending hours making beats on Fruity Loops.

Luxonix Ravity VSTi

Ravity(R)'s rack-mounted module type control panel occupies very small
portion of your screen. 4 Quick Edit Knobs on the left side of
ravity(R) allow you to build your desired sound quick and easy.
Ravity(R)'s Preset Browser is the most convenient feature ever
realized in software instruments. Every necessary control is
featured in the main screen. You can navigate and adjust them
through key inputs without using the mouse. You can assign
colors to individual user presets depending on their relative
frequencies of use. And, ravity(R) offers the fastest sound
browsing with the Preview/Load System.
Ontheravity(R), you can assign the desired sounds to
individual pads. Outputs and mute groups can be easily assinged to
each pad, and you can supervise every aspect of sounds through
the wide LCD display. Ravity(R) offers an easy-to-use & intuitive
editing environment. The MIDI assign function is fully accessible with
just one right click on the buttons or knobs. And, by clicking on
the knob's name, you can directly type accurate values through
computer's keyboard. LFX Module at the bottom part of panel
supports simple and powerful effecting.
Additional functions for the MIDI Assign and several setups can be
adjusted on the back panel. Ravity(R) includes quick links to refer the